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Various characters from Pikmin 4 1
Pikmin 4 Has Something For Everyone

Whether you want to minimize stress or maximize efficiency, Pikmin 4 has a mode for you.

Geoff Keighley 1
Nintendo Switch with Steam open showing The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth achievements 1
Nintendo Switch
No, Nintendo's New Console Doesn't Need Achievements

Nintendo is the one console that doesn't gamify profiles, and the Switch successor shouldn't change that.

Switch 2 1
The World Is Ready For Nintendo Switch 2

We've been waiting years for a more powerful successor, and the time has finally come for it to break cover.

MCU Kang 1
Disney Is Hoping We'll All Just Forget About The Allegations Against Jonathan Majors

Wouldn’t be the first time, probably won’t be the last.

Final Fantasy 14 Dawntrail Vacation 1
Dawntrail is Finally Giving Warriors Of Light The Vacation They Deserve

The Scions of the Seventh Dawn deserve a holiday after all they've been through.

Nick Brawl 2 and Multiversus 1
Nick Brawl 2 Is The Second And Last Chance For Platform Fighters

This game is coming sooner than expected and has so much to prove.

Hey Hasbro, Please Don't Ruin Dungeons & Dragons With AI

I’m tired of companies shoehorning new tech in where it isn’t needed

Commander Masters Previews 1
Every Card Revealed For Magic: The Gathering's Commander Masters

Take a look at Magic: The Gathering's Commander-focused reprint set, Commander Masters.

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Will Ferrell as Thanos with the Infinity Gauntlet 1
Mattel Wants A Cinematic Universe After Barbie. Does Anyone Else?

Vin Diesel's Rock 'Em Sock 'Em Robots sounds like a 30 Rock joke, not a real summer blockbuster.

31-Two Crazy Frog Racer Games 1
32-We Deserve More Mentally Ill Protagonists In Triple-A Games 1
We Deserve More Mentally Ill Protagonists In Triple-A Games

Indie games excel in exploring the darkest parts of mental illnesses, but triple-A games are lagging far behind

An AI generated blonde woman is in the foreground. The background is red, with hooded figured hunched over on laptops 1
Report: AI Girlfriends Are Here, And They’re Not Run By Real Girls

AI Girlfriend sites could be the future, but right now, it isn't one that women are in control of.

Dark Souls 3 Ashen One fighting Iudex Gundyr  1
The Dark Souls Anime Should Be An Anthology

Dark Souls has a rich history that would make for a great story, but I'd much rather unpack the stories nestled within obscure item descriptions.

minnie kissing mickey in disney illusion island 1
Starfield empty planets 1
Starfield’s 900 Empty Planets Are Perfect For DLC

If Bethesda truly wants Starfield to be a “forever game” like Skyrim, it needs to match the efforts of its tireless fans

funko camp funday 1
SDCC's Funko Fundays Was The Most Unhinged Experience Of My Life

Comic-Con's Funko Funday was a fever dream, game show, and Freddy Funko cult meeting all rolled into one.

Link from Tears of the Kingdom with a Switch copy of the game 1
I’m Not Ready To Move On From Tears Of The Kingdom

I have 105 hours in the latest Zelda, but I could spend 105 more.

Nick Brawl 2 SpongeBob smiling with both thumbs up 1
Nick Brawl 2 Has All The Signs Of Being A Rushed Product

Two years isn't enough for a platform fighter of this scope.

Kingdom Hearts' Sora holding some Lorcana cards. 1