Pikmin 4

Pikmin 4 Cover
Nintendo Switch
July 21, 2023
Puzzle, Real-Time Strategy
Online Multiplayer, Local Multiplayer, Online Co-Op, Local Co-Op
Unreal Engine 4
E for Everyone // Comic Mischief, Fantasy Violence
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Various characters from Pikmin 4 1
Pikmin 4 Has Something For Everyone

Whether you want to minimize stress or maximize efficiency, Pikmin 4 has a mode for you.

The entrance to Hectic Hollows and the final sublevel with a castaway and Tusked Blowhog in Pikmin 4. 1
Pikmin 4: Hectic Hollows Guide

Here's everything you need to know about Hectic Hollows in Pikmin 4!

Different Pikmin stand on a coffee table, and a Red Pikmin picks up Raw Material crystals. 1
Pikmin 4: Raw Material Farming Guide

You'll want to have plenty of Raw Material in Pikmin 4, and there are a few ways to get more.

Primordial Thicket Treasure Image 1
Pikmin 4: Primordial Thicket Treasure Guide

Yes, that includes Cavern for a King.

Giants Hearth Treasure Image 1
Pikmin 4: Giant's Hearth Treasure Guide

Who doesn't love a cookout?

Engulfed Castle Entrance and the boss of this cave, the Waterwraith. 1
Pikmin 4: Engulfed Castle Guide

Here's how to survive this waterlogged series of sublevels.

Pikmin enemies with insulting names 1
Pikmin 4: 10 Enemies, Ranked By How Insulting Their Names Are

"You don't have to be such a Grubchucker."

A blue onion being transported and a blue onion combined with a Yellow and Red Onion. 1
Pikmin 4: How To Get The Blue Onion

You don't want to leave it behind, after all.

You, Oatchi the space dog, and various Pikmin explore a vast microscopic world. 1
Pikmin 4: How To Upgrade Oatchi

Oatchi has is all: cuteness, strength, utility, and more. He has plenty of upgrades, too.

A glowing green Pikmin peeks out from a small structure as you exit your ship at night. 1
Pikmin 4: Tips For Night Expeditions

The sap you can collect during night expeditions is essential to progression in Pikmin 4, and here are tips for those levels.

A split image of a yellow Game Boy Advance cartridge and a mostly black and grey NES controller. 1
7 Best Easter Eggs And Hidden Details In Pikmin 4

Here are the best easter eggs in Pikmin 4!

Pikmin 4 characters 1
Pikmin 4 Is My Biggest Surprise Of The Year

Turns out the console RTS also has a lot in common with Metroidvanias.

A PS2 and Game Boy Advance SP 1
It’s Always Fun To See An Old Console In A New Game

Finding my exact model of Game Boy Advance SP in Pikmin 4 was a delight.

split image of a fossil in stone, a white golf ball, a red and blue ring candy, and a yellow lemon. 1
Pikmin 4: 10 Best Treasure Names

Here are the best treasure names in Pikmin 4!

heros hideaway in Pikmin 4 with treasures overlayed 1
Pikmin 4: Hero's Hideaway Treasure Guide

Time to technically commit burglary.

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Pikmin 4: How To Win A Dandori Battle

Here are our top tips on how to win Dandori Battles in Pikmin 4.

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10 Games To Play If You Like Pikmin 4

Strategy titles and other colorful experiences are waiting for you.

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Pikmin 4: Every New Enemy To The Series

New bugs and other creatures everywhere.

Pikmin 4 Toughest Boss Battles showing Waterwraith, Ancient Sirehound, and Smoky Progg 1
Pikmin 4: 10 Toughest Boss Battles

These are the most difficult boss battles in Pikmin 4.

Pikmin 4 Blossoming Arcadia All treasure location feature image 1
Pikmin 4: Blossoming Arcadia Treasure Locations

Yes, there are cherries to be found here.