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James is a zoomer from Newcastle who didn't learn what a GameCube was until they were 18. They have bylines at IGN, VG247, and NME, and you can contact them at They/Them.

Nintendo Switch with Steam open showing The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth achievements 1
Nintendo Switch
No, Nintendo's New Console Doesn't Need Achievements

Nintendo is the one console that doesn't gamify profiles, and the Switch successor shouldn't change that.

Dark Souls 3 Ashen One fighting Iudex Gundyr  1
The Dark Souls Anime Should Be An Anthology

Dark Souls has a rich history that would make for a great story, but I'd much rather unpack the stories nestled within obscure item descriptions.

Nintendo Switch  1
Next-Gen Nintendo Console Reportedly Launching 2024, Dev Kits Already Sent Out

The next Nintendo console is finally here, for real this time.

Dennis from It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia saying,  1
After 17 Years, Sony Finally Removes That PlayStation Start Up Beep

Pour one out for the beep, you will be missed (read: deservedly muted).

Baldurs Gate 3 intro cinematic showing an Xbox Series S with wings flying out of a portal 1
Baldur's Gate 3 Lead Says Xbox Series S Isn't Holding Back Current-Gen

Swen Vincke likened developing for the Xbox Series S to minimum spec PCs and the Nintendo Switch.

Nick Brawl 2 SpongeBob smiling with both thumbs up 1
Nick Brawl 2 Has All The Signs Of Being A Rushed Product

Two years isn't enough for a platform fighter of this scope.

Crumbling Farum Azula in Elden Ring 1
Elden Ring's Random Ruins Are Actually From Crumbling Farum Azula

Crumbling Farum Azula has been right in front of our eyes since we first stepped foot into The Lands Between.

Margot Robbie in the Barbie movie (2023) looking through an empty mirror with a shattered glass effect on the entire image 1
Barbenheimer's Legacy Will Be Diluted Franchises And Trend-Chasing

Mattel has at least 45 films in development while Saw X moves to coincide with Paw Patrol--everyone is missing the point of Barbenheimer.

Tears of the Kingdom player wearing Majora's Mask while standing in front of a UFO 1
Tears Of The Kingdom Player Builds Majora's Mask-Inspired UFO

Forget driving up walls or taking down enemy camps with an orbital canon, now you can abduct cows.

Doctor Who TV Movie with a Lorcana Week sticker in the top left 1
All I Want From Lorcana Is The Eighth Doctor

Forget Pixar and Star Wars, let's get Doctor Who in Lorcana.

Red Dead Redemption John Marston pointing a revolver off camera 1
Rockstar Website Update Adds Evidence For Red Dead Redemption Remaster

Rockstar's website update includes a reference to "Red Dead Redemption (Rockstar Presents Ver)".

New Xbox UI showing installed games and media players 1
Xbox Players Aren't Happy About New UI

With unavoidable Game Pass tabs, reduced customisation, and limits on groups, the new Xbox UI isn't going down well.

Mortal Kombat - Jade Without Her Hood Or Mask Posing 1
Sonic & Friends logo with the confused woman looking at equations meme underneath 1
Sega Trademarks Sonic And Friends, Nobody Knows What It Is

TikTok shorts series, or Sonic Shuffle sequel?

Anthony Fantano in front of a blue gradient with art of pizza and several Activision logos 1
Activision Sues TikTok Creator After Using Viral Clip In Crash Bandicoot Ad

Anthony Fantano allegedly demanded a six-figure sum after Activision used his "It's enough slices" audio in a Crash Bandicoot sneakers TikTok.

Massive Star Wars Outlaws photo of new protagonist pointing a gun at someone 1
Star Wars Outlaws Won't Be A "300-Hour Epic Unfinishable RPG"

Luckily, we don't have another Assassin's Creed Valhalla on our hands.

Life-sized Triss doll based on The Witcher 3 1
Game Lady Dolls Is Selling Anatomically Correct Life-Sized Adult Witcher Triss Toy For $3,000

The site sells adult toys based on the likeness of gaming characters, but also real actors without their consent and underage girls.

Half-Life 'Einstein' Scientist with president George Washington's face instead 1
Half-Life's Einstein Scientist Is Actually Based On George Washington

Gordon Freeman designer Chuck Jones tells us that the 'Einstein' scientist was actually inspired by President George Washington.

ESO Pride 1
Report: Zenimax Is Doing "Nothing" To Combat Anti-LGBTQ+ Bigotry In ESO

“We need to feel safe and a lot of us in the ESO community do not feel safe."

Baraka in Mortal Kombat 1 1
Mortal Kombat 1 Brings Back Mini-Games With Destructible Decapitated Heads

Test Your Strike might be making a comeback.

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