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An editor at TheGamer, Josh has been playing video games for as long as he can remember. Unable to shake a love of Sonic, no matter how bad things got for a while there, other games that will always live rent-free in his head include The Last Of Us and Mass Effect 2.

detective pikachu holding a coffee next to pre-order price tag 1
Detective Pikachu Returns Pre-Order Guide

Grab a cup of coffee for the little guy and secure your copy today.

ryan gosling heart hands i am kenough barbie movie hoodie 1
darth vader funko pop with a price tag attached 1
Where To Buy Funko Pop! Figures

Whether shopping online or in stores, there are the best places to go to find Funko Pops.

moana ariel and pocahontas disney princess dolls 1
Best Disney Princess Barbie-Style Mattel Dolls In 2023

Some of the best Disney Princess dolls from Mattel available right now.

minnie kissing mickey in disney illusion island 1
final fantasy 14 character looking at fruit 1
assassin's creed achievement badges 1
president margot robbie and supergirl barbie dolls 1
Best Barbie Dolls Of 2023

You've seen the movie, now it's time to either refresh your collection or introduce Barbie to an entirely new generation.

spongebob giving a double thumbs up to a brawl is back message 1
Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl 2 Pre-Order Guide

All-Star Brawl is getting a sequel, and we've got everything you need to know about its pre-order process.

xbox big screen behind a stage 1
Xbox Cracks Down On Emulation, Starts Banning Players

Using emulators in retail mode is getting people banned for 15 days.

two point campus 1
Two Point Campus Is Free-To-Play This Weekend And 50 Percent Off

Celebrate Two Point Campus's birthday by playing it for free right now and then sticking around for half the regular price.

pokemon character with backpacks behind him 1
Best Pokemon Backpacks In 2023

They're not big enough to hold a bike, 30 super potions, and a Thunder Stone, but at least they all look pretty good.

payday 3 character with pre-order price screenshots 1
Payday 3 Pre-Order Guide

Everything you need to know about the various editions of Payday 3 and how to secure your copy ahead of release day.

sleeping raichu in pokemon sleep 1
someone tapping a mario amiibo on their nintendo switch joy-con 1
How To Use Amiibos

It's a pretty simple process, but only if you've been previously shown how to do it.

chandler and monica in the friends polly pocket set 1
Mattel Has Launched A Polly Pocket Set To Celebrate Friends Fan Week

What's not to like? Friends, good. Polly Pocket, good. Fan Week, good.

western ken rita repulsa and geralt funko pops 1
Funko Pops
Best Funko Pop! Figures In 2023

Whether you're into Marvel, DC, Barbie, or Power Rangers, we've got a Funko Pop! for you.

mickey mouse disney illusion price for pre-order guide 1
Disney Illusion Island Pre-Order Guide

Everything you need to know to secure your copy of Disney Illusion Island before release day.

ps5 in a bowl of soapy water 1
How To Clean Your PS5

Your PS5 can get pretty dirty, and with a cover that can be removed, making sure it's squeaky clean isn't as straightforward as you might think.

the paw patrol pups and jigsaw puppet on the same cinema screen 1
Saw X And Paw Patrol: The Mighty Movie Will Be My Barbenheimer

Hello Rubble, I want to play a game.

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