If you have seen the Barbie movie and you're somehow already over it, you are definitely not me. If you have seen the Barbie movie and you're not already over it, and I'm assuming you're not and that's why you're here, Mattel is launching a line of clothing to celebrate its release and success. A T-shirt showcasing your love for President Barbie, a whole bunch of Allan merch, and even a fanny pack with all the characters on it.

However, the crown jewel of Mattel's new Barbie collection is the Kenough Sherpa Hoodie that Ken himself wears in the movie. No, not the actual one that has been on Ryan Gosling, unfortunately, but a replica of it. The hoodie is incredibly colorful and almost tie-dye with splashes of blue, yellow, green, and, of course, pink. However, the coup de grace of its design is the slogan stamped on the chest.

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"I am Kenough." A reminder to Ken as he tried to find himself throughout the Barbie movie, which took him down some dark paths at times, and now it can be a reminder to you too. Not only can you wear a sweet-looking hoodie that is fluffy as all hell, but every time you catch a glimpse of yourself in the mirror or a store window, not only will you be reminded of how good you look, you'll also be re-alerted to the fact that you're Kenough.

i am kenough barbie movie sherpa hoodie
via Mattel
I Am Kenough Barbie Movie Sherpa Hoodie

We're Just Ken

Remind yourself that you're Kenough every single day by buying and wearing the same fluffy Sherpa hoodie as Ken does in the Barbie movie.

There is one downside to ordering your I am Kenough hoodie right now. It won't ship until September 29, 2023. That might prompt you to forget about it for now and come back in six weeks or so, but I'd not recommend that. The Barbie movie is a big deal now, which means people will be searching for and placing their pre-orders for this hoodie now. Mattel will be making a finite number of these hoodies and there will come a time, likely long before September 29, that the Kenough hoodie sells out.

On the one hand, $60 might seem like a lot for a hoodie, but it's going to be good quality, and it's going to let everyone know you're Kenough and can you really put a price on that? Best of all, if you bump into someone else wearing it, the two or more of you are obligated to belt out a rendition of I'm Just Ken right there on the spot. Sorry, I don't make the rules.

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