characters shooting zombies in the last of us knockoff, the last hope 1
Blatant The Last Of Us Rip Off Finally Copyright Claimed, Removed From eShop

The Last Hope is gone, but Wizards Legacy and Need for Drive are still there.

An AI generated blonde woman is in the foreground. The background is red, with hooded figured hunched over on laptops 1
Report: AI Girlfriends Are Here, And They’re Not Run By Real Girls

AI Girlfriend sites could be the future, but right now, it isn't one that women are in control of.

Anthony Fantano in front of a blue gradient with art of pizza and several Activision logos 1
Activision Sues TikTok Creator After Using Viral Clip In Crash Bandicoot Ad

Anthony Fantano allegedly demanded a six-figure sum after Activision used his "It's enough slices" audio in a Crash Bandicoot sneakers TikTok.

simpsons-hit-and-run-remake 1
This Simpsons Hit & Run Remake Is Finished, But You Can't Play It

For the past year, YouTuber Reubs has faithfully recreated The Simpsons: Hit & Run in Unreal 5. But thanks to rights holders, we can't play it.

PS5 1
PS5 Pro Is Reportedly Named Project Trinity, Aiming For November 2024 Release

Looks like the PS5 Pro could still be a little ways off.

David Hayter 1
David Hayter Says It's "Far Past Time" Unions Protected Voice Actors And Animators

David Hayter tells us that AI is a "toy, not a revolution", and can't replace the actors that bring characters to life.

AI voice acting 1
Report: Your Favourite Gaming Actors Want You To Stop AI Generating Their Voices

Yuri Lowenthal, Roger Clark, and more speak out against AI stealing their voice and image.

Overwatch loot box over British flag 1
Loot Boxes Shouldn't Be Sold To Minors, Must Allow Refunds, Say UK Publishers

The UK government is cracking down on loot boxes with a new set of 11 guidelines.

Call of Duty soldiers in front of a pixelated PlayStation 5 home screen 1
Existing Activision Games Could Go Xbox Exclusive, Sony Only Wanted Call Of Duty

Sony was offered four years of all Activision games, but instead went for ten years of Call of Duty.

Master Chief from Halo Infinite looking at a grave from Max Payne with the Xbox Live logo on top 1
After 20 Years, Xbox Live Is Dead

Xbox Live lives no more.

Destiny 2 Season Of The Deep Guardians In The HELM 1
Destiny 2 Player Fined $500,000 For Racist Abuse, Doxing, Threats Against Dev

"Sociopathic" Jesse James Comer is ordered to pay at least $58,000 a year for terrorising a Destiny 2 community manager and his family.

36-Twitter’s Unsustainable Creator Monetisation 1
Twitter’s Unsustainable Creator Monetisation Doesn’t Even Apply To Everyone Fairly

It’s probably just going to incentivise blue checks to rage-bait for engagement

Larry Hyrb 1
Larry Hryb Is Leaving Xbox After 20 Years

Larry Hryb is leaving Xbox to work on the "next chapter" of his career.

Microsoft deal cracked (1) 1
Xbox Fans Spam Every FTC Post After Activision Blizzard Lawsuit Loss

Xbox fans spam the FTC and send abuse to its commissioner following the acquisition lawsuit.

Lina Khan FTC 1
FTC Accused Of Wasting Taxpayer Money After Appealing Xbox Verdict

The FTC is catching even more heat now that its decided to appeal Microsoft's court verdict.

BIG_2023_Banner 1
How Latin America Rises In The Gaming Industry - BIG Festival 2023

With the Latin American gaming industry growing rapidly, we hung out at BIG Festival with the folks involved in it!

Activision-Blizzard-Ubisoft-Cover---via-Activision-Blizzard 1
FTC Reportedly Looking To Appeal Its Loss To Xbox Over Activision Blizzard Deal

Despite yesterday's victory, it looks like Xbox's time in court might not be over.

Spider-Man, Geralt, and Commander Shepard 1
Voice Actors Speak Out Against AI Voice Generators

Voice actors from across the industry are speaking out against AI voice generation following Persona voice actor Erica Lindbeck's Twitter departure.

the-elder-scrolls-online-pride (1) 1
Elder Scrolls Online Studio Allegedly Held Healthcare “Hostage” To Get Rid Of Trans Employee

In a four-hour video, a former Elder Scrolls Online developer accuses ZeniMax of transphobia, forcing her out of the company after she contacted HR.

Microsoft logo on a phone held over a blurred Activision Blizzard logo 1
Microsoft Wins FTC Court Case, Activision Blizzard Deal Can Proceed

The FTC loses its high-profile case against Microsoft, allowing the company to complete its acquisition in the US.