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The Prince has his work cut out for him in Katamari Damacy Reroll. Not only does he need to single-handedly replace all the stars in the sky that his idiot father destroyed, but he also has to listen to his dad ramble and passive-aggressively talk down to him. However, The King Of All Cosmos isn’t a total omnipotent jerk as he’s scattered special Royal Presents around Earth for The Prince to find. This doesn’t exactly make up for his awful behavior, but hey, it’s a start.

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Throughout Katamari Damacy Reroll there are 15 Royal Presents you can gather that will unlock special cosmetic items for The Prince to wear. Here’s where you can find them so you can roll around in style.

Updated August 1, 2023, by Sean Murray: Getting all the Royal Presents in Katamari Damaci Reroll can be a pain, but not with this guide. That's why we've refreshed it with improved formatting and breakout tips for better readability.

Make A Star 2

katamari star 2 royal present location

The first Royal Present is found in one of the weirdest spots in the whole game. After you’ve rolled your Katamari to be big enough to leave the house, you’ll see some small Santa Claus figurines scattered around the yard.

One of these Santas is riding around in a flying sleigh being pulled by two reindeer made out of fried chicken drumsticks and magnets (told you it was weird.) In the back of this sleigh is the Royal Present, which happens to be a Winter Scarf.

Make A Star 3

katamari star 3 royal present location

While rolling around this level, you’ll come across a tree with a cat mask and a swing attached to it. If you bump into this tree with your Katamari, you’ll notice various apples, baseballs, and bugs will fall out of it. Keep ramming into the tree and eventually, the Royal Present will pop out. This will earn you a Chef Hat.

Make A Star 4

katamari star 4 royal present location

If you want to run around the game wearing the Champion’s Belt, you need to find this Royal Present. Thankfully, it’s not too hard to get as it can be found in the kitchen sitting on the edge of a table.

Once your Katamari is big enough, you should be able to just roll it up.

Make A Star 5

katamari star 5 radish royal present location

The Royal Present found here can be a bit tricky to pick up. First, roll your Katamari until it’s big enough to leave the starting area. Once you’re in the shopping district of this level, look around for a gigantic daikon radish. You should see some crows flying around this radish, one of which is carrying your Royal Present.

katamari star 5 ramp royal present location

To grab them, roll around until you see a ramp made out of green fences.

katamari star 5 gift royal present location

Use that to reach the crow and get the Royal Present, which turns out to be a Camera.

Make A Star 6

katamari star 6 royal present location

Head into the schoolyard, and you should see the Royal Present attached to a floating balloon near the jungle gym and children. Roll it up for a pair of Headphones.

Make A Star 7

katamari star 7 royal present location

This one can also be found in the schoolyard. Various objects will fall from the sky including cars, boulders, and sumo wrestlers. One of these objects will be the Royal Present. Catch it before it falls into the water, and you’ll now be able to wear a lovely Apron.

Make A Star 8

katamari star 8 royal present location

This one is easy to spot as it’s rolling behind a truck that’s driving along the road. Roll it up, and you’ll be able to play the game while holding a Guitar.

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Make A Star 9

katamari star 9 royal present location

To get this present, roll your Katamari up until it’s reached three meters. You’ll now be able to roll through the schoolyard and towards the city. Look for a building that has a giant smokestack with a ladder on the side. Now you need to roll your Katamari against this smokestack until you start rolling upwards.

At the very top of this smokestack will be the Royal Present, which contains the Aloha Set.

Make Corona Borealis

katamari corona royal present location

Look for these kids playing with sticks in the shopping area. Go to the water to the left of them, and you should see some chickens standing around your Royal Present. Now you can look regal in your new Crown.

Make Cygnus

katamari cygnus royal present location

This present is easy to find yet also easy to miss. At the very start of the level, you can roll down a wooden ramp to the right that leads to an opening that will take you down to the house.

Go down this ramp and stop before you go through that opening. Look to your right, and you should see the Royal Present sitting on a clock. Inside will be a silly-looking Ducky you can wear around your waist.

Make The North Star

katamari north star royal present location

At the beginning of the level, roll past some trees to find a cave. The present is behind a row of campfires, and it contains a stylish Wig.

Make Taurus

katamari taurus roof royal present location

The Make Taurus level is somewhat irritating as it requires you to roll up exactly one cow. This means if you accidentally pick up a small cow — or even a carton of milk — you have to start the level over. When the level begins, roll to the left up over the hill until you reach the green roof of the school. Roll onto the school and past the small cows that are milling about.

katamari taurus gift royal present location

You’ll find a ramp made from a section of green fence and the Royal Present should be dangling above it from a balloon. The only way to get this present is by dashing off this ramp — which is done by quickly alternating between the left and right thumbsticks — and grabbing it in mid-air. Doing so unlocks the Mawashi.

Make Ursa Major

katamari ursa royal present location

Make Ursa Major also requires you to pick up one particular object, only this time it’s a bear instead of a cow. There will be various people attached to balloons floating above you and one of them is holding the Royal Present.

Keep growing your Katamari while avoiding bears, and you should eventually be able to snatch him out of the air to acquire a Superhero Scarf.

Make Virgo

katamari virgo

This present is sitting atop a beach umbrella near the water, so you should be able to find it pretty easily. Roll it up to get a Running Top.

Make The Moon

katamari moon royal present location

The final level of the game requires you to become a massive 300m Katamari. There is a flying red Jumboman who is holding the Royal Present. Once you’re large enough you should be able to snatch the present out of his hands.

That’ll grant you the option to wear your father’s face with the Cool Mask, which is a creepy gift to end the game with.

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