Final Fantasy 16 transports you to the expertly crafted Valisthea to follow the story of protagonist Clive Rosfield. The story of Clive in Final Fantasy 16 is relatively linear and if you want to, you can play through the entirety of 16 just focusing on his core narrative and the characters closest to him.

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However, the world of Valisthea has plenty of hidden details and optional stories, which you can overlook if you just want to focus on the core narrative. A lot of these stories can also be completely missed if you don't know where to look. Let's look at some of the best side-stories in Final Fantasy 16 which are easy to miss!

Contains major spoilers for Final Fantasy 16

8 Rebuilding Eastpool

martha final fantasy 16

One of the most devastating events early on in Final Fantasy 16 is when the people of Eastpool are slaughtered and the town destroyed after Clive's villainous mother discovers the village hides those who are still loyal to Rosaria. What some players might not know is that later in the game you have the option to aid Martha and Wade in repopulating and rebuilding the town.

This is one of the most rewarding stories within 16, with Clive actively helping rebuild a settlement that he watched get destroyed.

7 Martelle Apples

martelle apples final fantasy 16

A lot of the hidden stories in 16 are so easy to miss because of how early they are set up, and how much later the payoff can be. There is no better example of this than Martelle Apples. Before the 5-year time skip, there is a woman called Martelle.

She is working with the head botanist in Cid's Hideaway to try and make tasty edible fruit grow in the blight-stricken lands where they are based.

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Unfortunately, she dies when Hugo attacks, but after the time-skip, we discover that her work was not in vain, and apples have been grown on the new Hideaway and they are named after her.

6 Blackthorne's Home

Blackthorne working at The Hideaway.

Blackthorne is a character you will struggle to avoid in Final Fantasy 16 since he is the blacksmith on the hideaway who Clive relies on to help with upgrading and crafting new gear. In spite of this, learning more about his character is completely optional and well hidden.

After a chain of side quests, players can finally learn about Blackthorne's hometown in Dhalmekia and the reason why he left to live in the Hideaway. His hometown is completely inaccessible if you do not follow this path, making it a rewarding story to follow.

5 Ambrosia's Return

In our flashbacks to Clive's youth, we can see him with his white Chocobo Ambrosia, but in a cutscene it looks like she might have died. Luckily for Clive, this is not the case.

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After spending some time in Martha's Rest, you will learn of a white Chocobo that has been seen in the area. While Clive believes it is just a coincidence at first, it turns out that this is in fact his same Chocobo from 13 years ago.

The reunion between the two is heartwarming, and it is made even more impactful since this is how you unlock your Chocobo to use in Final Fantasy 16.

4 Dion and Harpocrates

Dion Lesage's regal outfit from FF16

The connections between characters in 16 are part of what makes the world-building so rich. A great example of this is the unexpected connection between Dion and Harpocrates.

Up until we see them interact they seem to be two completely separate characters, but upon prying, Clive learns that Dion was taught by Harpocrates in his youth. Both of them admit to Clive that they feel guilty towards the other due to emotional hang-ups.

Luckily, Clive is able to mend the bond, and seeing the bond between the Prince of Sanbreque and his former tutor is a rewarding experience.

3 Quentin's Dark History

quentin final fantasy 16

Quentin is a character the player meets early in 16 being the owner of an Inn in Lostwing, a small town in Sanbreque. He becomes a quick ally to Clive, but what players can learn about him if they put in enough effort helping out around Lostwing is surprising.

It turns out that almost everyone living in Lostwing is helping Quentin in avenging his family who were killed by a corrupt judge in Sanbreque who he thought was his friend. We are able to help Quentin get his revenge, but the price he ends up paying for this makes the moment a bittersweet one for Clive and the player.

2 Lu'bor's Secret

lubor final fantasy 16 lu'bor

Lu'bor is a mysterious but more light-hearted character we meet when Clive starts his journey into Dhalmekia. He aids Clive in the main quest, but if you want to learn more about him, the player has to help out around Dalimil.

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After seeing Lu'bor's dedication to the settlement he lives in, it is heartbreaking to see how quickly his friends and colleagues turn on him once they discover that he is a Bearer. Clive is able to resolve the issue, but seeing the town turn on Lu'bor is a grim reminder of the prejudice present in Valisthea.

1 Dedication Of The Undying

cyril final fantasy 16

The Undying is a faction we do not meet until late in Final Fantasy 16, and if you choose not to interact with them that much after meeting them, they could be easy to forget. They are a secret group dedicated to serving Joshua as he is the Dominant of the Phoenix.

Since they are loyal to Joshua, and therefore Clive by extension, we are never on their bad side, but we players can choose to witness just how dedicated they are to serving the Phoenix. This is best exemplified when Clive discovers just how many of their people died just to execute an archaeological survey that was ambushed by the fallen.

Clive does lecture Cyril, the leader of the Undying for letting his people die, and we can see Cyril learn from this in further quests with the Undying, but Clive's display of passion towards preventing unnecessary death is what makes this hidden story so memorable.

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