Street Fighter 6 has been out for a good while now, giving avid fans the chance to set up a pretty healthy modding community to add extra costumes and other neat bits of additional content. However, you should probably always double check you have all of your private mods disabled before you go and enter any official tournaments, a lesson one Street Fighter 6 fan learned the hard way after they forgot to disable their nude Chun-Li mod before hosting a fight in a recent tournament.

There is a clip of the match going around on social media, which has been shared by Twitter user Nicholas DeOrio. Everything is going smoothly as you'd expect with any online tournament these days and the commentators settle in to watch, until the match starts and we see Chun-Li in nothing but her birthday suit in front of a clearly confused Kimberley player. Be warned that you're about to see some rather workplace inappropriate content if you keep on scrolling.

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The fight then begins as the commentators immediately spot the clearly naked Chun-Li, though initially refuse to acknowledge that anything is wrong with the whole situation. The feed the understandably cuts away from the action, leaving the commentators and presumably everyone who was tuned in for the fight completely bewildered.

Now, the likely explanation for this occurence is that someone involved in this tournament is slightly thirsty for our beloved Chun-Li and took it upon themselves to either create or download their own nude Chun-Li mod for their personal use. Hey, I'm not here to yuck anyone's yum. They then most likely hosted the fight between the two actual players forgetting they still had the mod installed, which is why everyone tuned in was greeted by a nude Chun-Li as well.

While it's quite funny, we shouldn't be too surprised this happened in all honesty. The Street Fighter 6 community is a bit of a thirsty lot, as showcased by the avalanche of naughty mods that made their way onto popular modding website on the day of launch. If you wanted to see Ryu's massive pecks or Manon's grippers, you were sorted.

The return of Cammy's Classic Outfit shortly after launch also caused the Street Fighter 6 subreddit to be bombarded with a flurry of NSFW art and videos, so someone accidentally leaving their nude Chun-Li mod installed in an official tournament to be shown off to tens of thousands of people is just par for the course at this point.

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