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The gear grind is never-ending in Diablo 4. There will always be a better piece of equipment to strive for, or an extremely rare Unique item that can enable a new build. As you progress through the story of the game and into the endgame, you'll always be on the lookout for new weapons and armor.

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Treasure Goblins are back in Diablo 4. These sneaky creatures can be found throughout the world, promising bags of loot to adventurers who are able to find them. Below, we'll take a look at everything you need to know about Treasure Goblins, including what they are and some tips for killing them.

What Are Treasure Goblins?

A penicl sketch of a Treasure Goblin from Diablo 4

Treasure Goblins are small passive creatures that carry around a large bag of loot. At the first sign of danger, they will flee, dropping small piles of gold as they run. Eventually, they will open a portal and jump through, leaving the battlefield and taking their loot with them.

If you get on your horse anywhere near a Treasure Goblin, it will immediately open its portal and escape. If you want the Goblin's loot, you must chase it on foot.

Killing a Treasure Goblin will drop its bag of loot, which obtains items like materials, gems, gold, and equipment, with a decent chance to obtain Legendaries, especially at higher World Tiers.

Where To Find Treasure Goblins

Treasure Goblins can be found all throughout Sanctuary, in the open world, Dungeons, or cellars. Basically, anywhere you can find enemies, you can find Treasure Goblins. That said, they are pretty rare to encounter. You may go a few hours between finding one, or you may find two back to back.

How To Kill Treasure Goblins

obols, rare gear, gold, and gems scattered on the ground

Treasure Goblins will attempt to escape soon after you engage one, so you'll have to kill it as fast as possible if you want its loot. Skills with high burst damage are almost essential for dealing with Treasure Goblins, allowing you to kill them quickly.

Damage-over-time effects like Burning and Poison aren't nearly as effective, often taking too long to kill the Goblin before it escapes. Avoid using damage-over-time effects if you can.

The best way to consistently kill Treasure Goblins is to use control-impairing effects like Stun, Freeze, Chill, or Slow. These will make chasing the Goblin much easier, giving you enough time to use your higher-damage attacks to kill it.

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