Star Wars Jedi: Survivor publisher Electronic Arts has announced that Respawn is working on a port for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One during an earnings call that took place earlier today. The game launched back in April earlier this year exclusive to the PS5 and Xbox Series X as Respawn wanted to make the title a "true new-gen experience", but it now looks like the developer is making a port for those that don't own current-gen hardware just yet.

It may not be with us any time soon though, as it was announced that Respawn is currently in the "early stages" of making the port, suggesting it's going to a long while before it actually launches. It was also announced that Respawn is still working on "additional performance improvements" for the PS5 and Xbox Series X version of the game, and that these remain a "top priority" for the team (thanks GameSpot).

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Neither EA nor Respawn have commented on a potential release date for these ports, or what is going to be done to get a game so graphically demanding to run on older hardware, but it's likely a welcome announcement for those that have yet to make the leap to PS5 or Xbox Series X that want to play the next chapter in Cal Kestis' adventure.

However, for those that had to put up with performance issues on PS5 and Xbox Series X, it's coming across as a bit of a slap to the face. Star Wars Jedi: Survivor suffered a number of performance issues on PS5 and Xbox Series X back when it first launched, but most notably on PC. These issues still haven't been totally addressed as of yet, and many are criticising Respawn for working on PS4 and Xbox One ports when the current version of the game still has a number of issues present.

Thankfully, it sounds like these issues are a priority and we now know that Respawn hasn't completely abandoned the game as of yet. It notes in the earnings call that more information will be shared soon about performance fixes for the current version of Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, so hopefully we're not wainting too much longer for those.

In other Star Wars news, Ubisoft recently put worries to ease surrounding the length of Star Wars Outlaws, as creative director Julian Gerighty said that the game won't be a "200 or 300-hour epic unfinishable RPG" and will actually be a very focused experience.

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