• The use of heterochromia in video game characters adds an instantly striking and unique appearance that stands out from the average person.
  • Characters like Yuna, Markus, Moira, and Zasalamel demonstrate the diverse range of personalities and abilities that can be embodied by characters with heterochromia.
  • Handsome Jack may not bring a great reputation to those with heterochromia, but he does have a lot of personality and memorable quotes that make him an iconic villain in the Borderlands series.

When it comes time to design an instantly unforgettable character, developers have a lot of potential options. One way to give a character an instantly striking appearance is to give them heterochromia, a generally inherited condition that results in a person having two differently colored eyes.

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Since you’re used to seeing the average person with two eyes of the same color, seeing someone with heterochromia can be a bit of a surprise. Real people walk around with heterochromia every day, but video game characters manage to do it with an even wider selection of vibrant colors. It’s probably a joy to see pop up in games, even if it is somewhat rare.

10 Yuna - Final Fantasy 10

Yuna just after becoming summoner

For whatever reason, the heterochromia that Yuna has completely fits her character. It gives her a kind of unique beauty that matches the bittersweet adventure she must go on in order to save all of mankind.

Yuna is a gifted summoner, and the care that she demonstrates for all life is touching, making her a character that is easy for anyone to look up to. She does shift quite a bit in Final Fantasy X-2, but she’s still a fun character, even with a change in personality.

9 Markus - Detroit Become Human

Featured Image Markus Detroit Become Human Leader

While Markus may be a highly advanced android, he does have heterochromia, something that lets him stand out in a world that can look all too human at times. The best part about Markus as a character is that you guide his actions throughout Detroit Become Human.

You are the one who decides whether or not Markus’ revolution is peaceful or much more violent. It’s easy to see yourself in a character like Markus, making this game one to play if you somehow missed out on it.

8 Vladamir Makarov - Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

Makarov during the No Russian mission in Modern Warfare 2

While there are plenty of villainous figures in the Call Of Duty series, there aren’t many who are quite as villainous as Vladamir Makarov. The man was one of the most resourceful, cunning, and absolutely twisted terroristic minds to ever do it.

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He’s been a part of some of the more infamous moments in gaming, and if you’re a fan of the series, you probably see Makarov as one of the all-time great villains in gaming. Luckily, he would eventually get his comeuppance at the hands of Captain Price.

7 Moira - Overwatch 2

moira activating biotic orbs in her highlight intro

You may not love playing support in Overwatch, but when you do, Moira is always a solid pick. The biotic Irish woman is a powerful force regardless of the map you’re on and is always capable of turning the tide of a rough battle when played by the right person.

As is customary with the Overwatch series, Moira has a striking appearance, and her heterochromia only helps her stand out even more from all the other unique characters. She may not be most people’s first pick, but she’s one you might want to consider.

6 Zagreus - Hades

Hades - Zagreus standing in front of a bright red background holding a longsword in his right hand resting over his right shoulder

The good ole prince of the underworld, Zagreus has to be one of the coolest characters around that rocks heterochromia. His eyes are actually a match for his parents, with his red eye coming from his father, Hades, and his green eye coming from his mother Persephone.

It may be a challenge to make it through Tartarus, but thanks to Zagreus’ skills with a whole host of weapons, it’s fun the entire time. Just be ready for a few tricky boss fights, and you may be able to eventually make your way to the end of Hades.

5 Zasalamel - Soul Calibur 6

Zasalamel pictured featuring his scythe.

Somehow, the Soul Calibur series managed to make a character as unique and imposing as Zasalamel. He carries a massive scythe, but the real draw is his magical abilities, something that seems to have given him two differently colored eyes.

It’s probably safe to say that Zasalamel never had to deal with any kind of teasing for his heterochromia because it is never a good idea to insult something wielding a massive scythe. He may not be one of the more beloved characters, but you can’t say he doesn’t have a great look.

4 Lady - Devil May Cry 5

Lady with a rifle in Devil May Cry 5

The daughter of Arkham, Lady is one of the more interesting Devil Hunters to grace the Devil May Cry series. Luckily, Lady is also an incredibly fun character to take control of when the Devil May Cry games let you have a chance to do so.

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Her journey for revenge is an interesting one, and she does work as both a kind of rival and ally to Dante depending on the situation. She’s a varied character, but one of the better ones from a series with some seriously underrated characters.

3 Handsome Jack - Borderlands 2

Handsome Jack arms crossed, in Borderlands 2

You may have never noticed that the most iconic villain of the Borderlands series, Handsome Jack, had heterochromia because you were too busy rolling your eyes at his taunts. The maniacal criminal doesn’t bring a great reputation to those with heterochromia, but he does have a lot of personality, at the very least.

Whether battling him or battling as him, Handsome Jack is always ready and willing to shout out as many quippy lines as possible. He is a lot better when he’s at his most evil, but there’s never a bad time for Handsome Jack.

2 Shoto Todoroki - My Hero Academia One's Justice 2

Shoto Todoroki surrounded by twinkling ice

The boy with the quirk that gives him control of both fire and ice is a fairly popular example of heterochromia, both in gaming and anime in general. Todoroki has become a fan favorite from the My Hero Academia series, and it’s not all that hard to see why.

He’s come a long way from denying and eventually embracing his father’s flame quirk in his battle with Deku, even doing everything he could to make sure that same friend went home safely. Those with heterochromia can certainly look up to this My Hero Academia hero in training.

1 Alear - Fire Emblem Engage

Fire Emblem Engage - Official release artwork shows Alear and the supporting cast.

Alear is an avatar for you, and while they may not exactly look like you –unless you have a distinct love for red and blue– they are fascinatingly designed. Being either male or female, Alear drips with a distinct flair due to their red and blue eyes and hair.

They aren’t one of the more memorable Fire Emblem characters outside of their design, struggling to live up to the example set by Byleth, but they are still solid. You’ll find yourself intrigued by everything going on in Fire Emblem Engage, and a big part of that is Alear.

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