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Game art from Back 4 Blood, Dead Rising, Left 4 Dead and Dead Island 2. 1
Best Zombie Games

Zombies being in video games is almost as old as the gaming industry itself, and here we look at the best games with the living dead in them.

Monster from Dying Light, Dead by Daylight, and the Outlast Trials 1
Developers Discuss How Horror Is Thriving In 2023

We spoke with Techland, Red Barrels, and Behaviour on the popularity of horror, it's future, and how the indie space contributed to its success.

7-Dying Light Blueprint Location Guide 1
Dying Light: Blueprint Location Guide

Learn how to find every blueprint with this Dying Light guide.

PS4 And PS5 Zombies Games Featured Split Image The Walking Dead And Resident Evil 2 1
13 Best Zombie Games On PS4 & PS5

Looking for the most fun, terrifying zombie games on PS4 and PS5? Look no further; we've got the best zombie-killing games here.

Joel in the last of us, alien and ship from no man's sky, and cannibals from the Forest 1
24 Best PS4 Survival Games

The survival horror genre has exploded over the last decade. Here are some of the best available to play right now on PS4.

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Dying Light 2 Anniversary Official Wallpaper 1
Techland Is Asking Weird Questions About Dying Light 3

Sorry y'all, but it's not a Dying Light 3 announcement yet.

Dying Light Assault Rifle 1
Dying Light Glitch Lets Player Combine Pocket 7s And Assault Rifle

Sadly, this bug seems like a one-off, but maybe it’ll inspire a cool new mod.

Dying Light_ The Harran Virus And THV 1
Dying Light – What Are The Harran Virus And THV?

A destructive pathogen that wiped out a city and then most of the planet. Here's everything you need to know about the Harran Virus and THV.

Walking Dead Switch 1
8 Best Zombie Games On Nintendo Switch

If you're looking for a good zombie game, you've come to the right place. Here are the best zombie games on Nintendo Switch.

Outlast still left, Alien still right 1
8 Games To Play If You Like Outlast

If you're looking for some truly frightful horror games after playing Outlast, try these out for size.

Embracer-Group 1
Embracer Group Shares Video Saying Crunch "Shouldn't Have To Happen"

The company that now owns Tomb Raider has taken a firm stance on the issue.

Dying Light 2 Bloody Ties DLC Official Teaser Trailer 1
"Human Combat Is Max 30 Percent" Of Dying Light 2: Bloody Ties Six-Hour Story

There are "plenty of encounters with the Infected" to be had in Dying Light 2's next DLC.

Geralt from the Witcher 3 with Kratos and Atreus from God Of War 1
10 Action Games Without Guns

Not everyone wants to fire off guns when playing games, so these titles should be right up your street.

Dying Light 2 Will Reveal Details Of First Combat-Focused DLC Bloody Ties August 23 1
Dying Light 2 Will Reveal Details Of First Combat-Focused DLC Bloody Ties August 23

Bloody Ties looks to be a gory start to Dying Light 2's five-year support plan.

Dying Light 2 Moka International Cat Day - via Techland 1
Day and Night Cycle Games Featured Split Image Bully Dying Light 1
7 Games That Use A Day And Night Cycle

Going from day to night and back again adds some realism to the virtual world you're roaming around.

Split image Dying Light's Retrowave bundle, Ox Warrior DLC and Vintage Gunslinger bundle. 1
10 Dying Light: Best DLCs

Which of Dying Light's many DLCs are the best?

Capture-1 1
Things You Need To Know Before Playing Dying Light: Prison Heist

Before you undertake Dying Light's Prison Heist here's what you need to know.

Dying Light 2 veronika walkthrough 1
Dying Light 2: Veronika Mission Walkthrough

Finally track down Dying Light 2's Dr. Veronika Ryan and help her survive a Renegade ambush.

Playable Zombies Featured Split Image Dying Light and Plants Vs Zombies 1
6 Games That Let You Play As A Zombie

Not every zombie in gaming is an enemy. Some of them are the protagonists.