Call them what you will, Infected, Walkers, The Undead, zombies are an iconic monster that has shuffled their way into our hearts with how much they've bled their way back into video games, movies, and pop culture in general over the years.

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There are a plethora of great games from studios that are triple-A, indie, and everything in between, with each producing their own take on the classic decaying rotting tide. Some takes are better than others, with a handful even redefining the "zombie survival" genre completely and although there is a little bit of over-saturation with how many of these games have been churned out over the years, there are still quite a few worth checking out. Here are the best zombie games that have come out so far.

Updated August 01, 2023 By Matthew Mckeown: Those shambling, shuffling corpses never stop and there are plenty of games that still manage to capture that cathartic feeling of slicing up huge hordes of undead. After all, there have been numerous successful series of titles featuring those cannibalistic creatures, so they’re still a popular genre that’s got plenty of life left in it.

There are hundreds of them out there since Zombies are always a fun foe to face and they've come in a range of interesting shapes over the years. For those interested in the latest games featuring everyone's favorite ghouls, here are some more of the best Zombie games out now.

Swarm Survivor

Swarm Survivor: The Survivor Fending Of Waves Of Zombies In The Darkness

If you’re looking for some scares that are low on the old game's budget, then Swarm Survivor from MegalOh! Games should take a spot on your Steam Wishlist. This Vampire Survivors-esque Zombie game pits you against swarms of infected across semi-procedurally generated maps.

Better weapons, gadgets, and other survival tools lie out there in the darkness, but you’ll need to go get them if you want a chance at staying alive. Featuring multiple bosses to beat, dozens of perks to power up your character, and a bunch of unique abilities and guns to try out, Swarm Survivors toybox has a surprising amount to dig through. Though it’s put together by a small team of devs, it’s still getting a lot of love and care through updates as the months go on.

Wandering In Space

Wandering In Space: A Crew Fighting Zombies

An Early Access game that’s been making quite a bit of positive noise, Wandering In Space from Moonseer VR is a surprisingly thorough and satisfying virtual reality horror game to play through. You’re a soldier in the far future that has awoken with no memories and has to get to the source of a cataclysmic biological outbreak that has caused an apocalypse that changed Earth for the worst.

Screeching mutants, shambling Zombies, and other twisted creatures prowl the derelict halls of the space station you’re trapped on above the ravaged planet and there are two warring factions vying for power in this post-apocalyptic void. There’s a lot of great sci-fi weaponry to keep you safe and with the ability to dual wield you’ve never felt more of a super soldier bad-ass in VR. There’s also survival inventory management, roguelike runs to keep things fresh, and a ranking system, so there are a lot of unique elements to dig into with Wandering Space.

Stories From The Outbreak

Stories From The Outbreak: Survivors Versus Zombies

Another Early Access Zombie that does things a little differently, Stories From The Outbreak from Coldwild Games is a narrative-focused turn-based game with a smattering of rogue-like elements. You play as the leader of a group of survivors trying to escape the city of Rita for the safety of the North Sea.

Featuring 15 different enemy types that scale in difficulty the further you get in and an interesting party system that allows you to build a team with very polarizing views, there’s a lot of variety in Stories From The Outbreak. Not every survivor will make it out alive, so each decision and sacrifice matters as it could hinder or help you further down the road.

Private Property

Private Property: Gunslingers Fending Off A Wave Of Mutants

Zombies and VR are always going to work well together and Wenkly Studio were aware of this when they put together Private Property. This gun-slinging, ghoul-blasting game has a simple premise, the Zombies are coming, and you need to defend your property.

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Waves of undead scale in difficulty with meaner, bigger, and more mutated monsters crawling out of their lairs as the round drags on. So there’s plenty of challenge. Available to play in solo or with a crew in co-op, it doesn’t take long for things to become incredibly chaotic. But, there’s plenty of classic cowboy weaponry to keep you safe as those huge hordes draw close.

Yet Another Zombie Survivors

Yet Another Zombie Survivor: A Squad Of Survivors Facing Against A Large Horde

If you’re looking for a low-cost Early Access game filled with a lot of Undead then Yet Another Zombie Survivors from Awesome Games Studios should be at the top of your list. Jumping on the popular horde style of Vampire Survivors, YAZS takes that tried and trusted gameplay loop and gave it their own unique spin.

You take control of a team of unique hunters that all come with their own unique abilities and attacks that can be upgraded as you slay those cannibalistic corpses. There are tons of creative ways to evolve your squad's Zombie stomping abilities and you can bring in one or even three characters at once to maximize the mayhem. Rounds are cathartic and challenging, plus there are some powerful permanent upgrades to unlock that will supercharge your soldiers. An enjoyable Indie that’s had a lot of polish and positivity from the Community, Yet Another Zombie Survivors has definitely stood out from the rest.

Dead Island 2

Dead Island 2: Zombies Rising From The Sand On Venice Beach

The game everyone thought would never see the light of day, Dead Island 2 finally dropped after an eternity in development hell and released the zombie-filled streets of LA onto our screens in a visceral deluge. Sticking close to the tried and tested formula of the original but with a next-gen facelift, the sequel brought out a colorful cast of new characters as well as a few familiar faces to spice things up and keep the nostalgia train running.

Featuring a large map filled with luxury houses and iconic attractions of the Los Angeles coastline, unlockable skill trees with powerful abilities, and a semi-sufficient weapon customization system, DI2 has a lot going for it despite its late appearance. With colorful set-pieces and a not-too-serious approach to storytelling, it's entertaining enough to keep you pushing through the main plot and side-quests. Plus there's the option for multiplayer, so you can bring a couple of friends into the corpse curb-stomping chaos with you


Zelter: The Survivor Shooting At Multiple Zombies In The Dark City Ruins

Zelter by G1 Playground brings all the terror of a Zombie Apocalypse and packages it into a cute pixelated form. Left alone in a ruined city full of ravenous undead, your only options are to scavenge what you can whilst rescuing whatever survivors you can to get a helping hand in the long run.

Going in guns blazing against the hordes is not recommended, instead the emphasis is on survival, hunting and gathering what you can. NPCs can be recruited to your cause and it won't take long to go from a solitary campsite to a sprawling, busy and well-armed base of operations. With a challenge mode to test your survival skills against a six-day time limit, there's a lot on offer from this Early Access gem.

They Are Coming

They Are Coming: A Horde Of Zombies Attacking A Human Settlement

Though it has garnered a slightly mixed reception, don't let its simple mobile game-esque aesthetics fool you, there's quite the challenge lurking just underneath the surface. Though instead of surviving against the horde, you're guiding those swarms of undead around yourself. Humanity is on the menu and it's up to you to ensure your rotting followers are given a full-course meal.

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The game itself is split into several stages that stretch from the French Ardennes in World War Two and beyond. But the human race isn't going down without a fight and they have plenty of powerful weaponry to put your horde down for good before that ball of hungry-hungry zombies can get going. Tactics are required as mistakes are brutally punished, getting the ball rolling on the Zombie Apocalypse is a little harder than it seems, so put yourself to the test and see if your hellish hordes can end it all in They Are Coming.

Zed Zone

Zed Zone: Survivor Fending Off A Wave Of Zombies With The UI Present

An Early Access apocalypse survival game that will stress your skills to the max Zed Zone by Leven Liu sets you the task of staying alive in a ruined world filled with Zombies, mutants, and large hostile mechs. Scavenge what you can and try to stay alive in this surprisingly in-depth little indie game.

The world has been ruined by a catastrophe, those that weren't wiped out either scrape by or were turned into roaming undead and mutants of all shapes and sizes. Build a shelter to keep them at bay, find and upgrade a range of big guns and useful gear, or just jump in an abandoned car and cruise around the ruined cityscape in comfort. There's a ton to do and it doesn't take a lot to end up just another statistic, so if you're in need of a solid survival game, try Zed Zone.


Undeadly: The Range Of Movement For Survivors Against Zombies During Combat

If you've ever faced off against The Lost in XCOM 2: WOTC, then you'll feel right at home in Undeadly. This turn-based zombie survival game puts you in control of a team of survivors trying to make their way in an infected-filled world alongside other bizarre and equally deadly phenomena lurking out there in the wilds and abandoned suburbia.

Gameplay is divided into two separate time zones. The Day, when things are relatively safe and your team can scavenge for supplies, and the evening when the undead shuffle out of their hidden holes and lairs to bother the living still wandering around. So balancing prepping with risky missions for big rewards will be your bread and butter game loop. There's a bucketload of customization options available with everything open to tweaking from clothes to weapon attachments, right down to the type of ammo and traps being brought into the fray. Each Survivor can also be equipped with a number of powerful perks and skills to turn each team member into a Zombie slaying god. If a turn-based survival sim is what you need, then take a swing at Undeadly.

Dead Cide Club

Dead Cide Clube: A Group Of Survivors Fighting Against A Horde Of Zombies

Chaos loves company and sessions in Dead Cide Clube are quite chaotic. This free-to-play multiplayer side-scroller from Press A pits you and your pals against zombies and other mutant monstrosities across a variety of levels.

A surprising Early Acess gem, Dead Cide Club is a little rough but it has a lot of charm in its arcadey gameplay and customization options for your character. There’s tons of weapons and ways to put your personal flair on your monster killer of choice. There are also multiple modes of mayhem in a number of different flavors from Battle Royale to your standard Horde Mode, co-op, and even options to customize your own map with its own rewards and rules.

Survival Nation

Survival Nation: Fighting Against Zombies With A Partner

Put your survival skills to the test in this open-world VR survival game by Wenkly Studi. Explore a massive map by yourself or with friends as you take on wandering hordes of Zombies and get to know a unique cast of characters around the zone.

There's plenty of quests and activities to keep you busy in this wild landscape. As well as a healthy roster of equipment and weapons to craft, there are secret treasures to dig up and riddles to solve. Similar to State Of Decay, but in first-person, the post-apocalyptic world is your oyster. Just watch out for the biters.

Zombie Admin

Zombie Admin: Clearing Out A Floor Of The Office From Zombies

The world has ended, and the Zombies have overrun the streets, but you still need to clock into that office job. In Zombie Admin by Hastily Assembled, your goal is to survive the corporate ladder as you try to get to the roof of the building and escape via a rescue helicopter.

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It’s Hotline Miami meets the Belko Experiment as you have to tear through your old work colleagues in a grisly fashion. There’s co-op and multiple weapons, so you and a friend can work through that office stress together and wall-wall hordes of Undead office workers to plow through. It’s a simple little shooter that’s a great time-killer.


Gross: Fighting A Special Infected Within The Tower Maze

The best part of any Zombie game is blasting apart huge hordes of shuffling Undead. It's always cathartic to take out the stress of your day on an ungodly amount of rotting Ghouls in a grizzly and gory fashion. With Gross you can do just that.

This unique Tower Defense by Hangry Owl Games puts you in charge of a Safe Havens protection against the hungry-hungry hordes. There's a good number of strong and weird-looking towers to use, special Zombies to keep you on your toes, and the ability to jump into the action yourself with your weapon of choice. There's a solid selection of upgrades to keep things fresh whilst allowing you to scale your base with each threat level and a number of different levels to test your skills on. If you enjoy an action-packed Tower Defence session then put Gross on your list.

Zombie Cure Lab

Zombie Cure Lab: The Laboratory Filled With Zombie Workforce And Scientists

Zombie hordes are never-ending, so why not use this seemingly infinite source of shamblers for something more constructive. With Zombie Cure Lab by Thera Bytes GmbH, you’re able to take those rotting visitors to your camp and turn them into an untiring workforce.

You’re in charge of a group of scientists that are trying to create the perfect lab and safe haven from the undead. Use experimental splicing to create Zombie hybrids that can perform all sorts of complicated tasks from building defenses to grinding up resources and much more. With a huge map to explore, a diverse research tree to unlock, and the constant waves of Ghouls banging at your walls, there are plenty of things to keep you and your team of researchers busy. It is Early Access, but there’s a lot of potential and regular updates keeping it fresh.

The Unliving

The Unliving: The Necromancer Controlling A Massive Horde Of Monsters

A slick Indie that’s been gaining a lot of ground recently, The Unliving by RocketBrush Studio is a pixel artist's paradise. This slick action game has you take the role of a fearsome Necromancer who’s off to change the current world order and erect his own Undead kingdom using the bodies of the living.

Combat comes with a twist in this fast-paced RPG roguelike. Whilst you can do a lot of damage on your own, the core idea is that the foes you kill can be resurrected and turned against their former friends. There are a lot of unique monsters and ghouls you can create from fallen heroes and there’s some great upgrade trees and enhancements to make them much stronger. With battles that can fill the screen with utterly gigantic hordes, The Unliving is an Early Access gem that’s definitely going places. Which is probably the most densely populated town.

Requisition VR

Requisition VR: Survivors Combating The Horde From A Van

If you’re looking for some virtual reality anarchy with your friends then take a look at Requisition VR. This Early Access game by Arcadia has been making waves as it’s similar to The Walking Dead: Saints And Sinners, but with multiplayer and a lot more space to explore.

You’re stuck in Nevermont, a rundown town that’s crawling with Undead. There are tons of locations to explore and with a crafting system that has over 500 unique items to build including customized weapons, there are plenty of reasons to get out there. Though it’s a little rough around the edges, there’s a story campaign and a lot of interesting uses for the virtual reality headset during gameplay. With multiple modes of play available including PVP and the ability to bring along friends through VR co-op, Requisition is a great time with a good group.


Darktide: Convicts Being Swarmed By Nurgle Zombies

Whilst it’s not strictly a completely zombie-focused game, there are enough rotting hordes of Nurgle around for it to count. Another absolute banger by FatShark, Darktide took the things it refined and worked out in the Vermintide games, gave them a coating of futuristic and grimdark 40K paint, and sent it out the door.

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This multiplayer shooter sets you and a group of three other prisoners turned conscripts in the Astra Militarum (Earths army) with the task of clearing out Chaos worshipper cults that include hordes of Nurgle zombies, big armored behemoths, mutants, and more warp-spawned horrors. There are multiple classes to choose from, including the option to play as a massive Ogryn, and all of the weaponry is right out of the 40K handbook so purists will love the attention to gear detail. There’s a threadbare plot, but the gameplay is what really sells it as it’s a solid Warhammer shooter that’s been long overdue.

Mutant Meltdown

Mutant Meltdown: The Tile System During A Combat Encounter With Mutants

If you like your zombie hordes a little slower paced then Mutant Meltdown by GoldenGod Games might be shambling up your alley. This survival RPG is set in a post-apocalyptic wasteland and your mission is to manage a group of survivors through this ravaged world.

Plaguing the surface are wandering mutants and undead of all shapes and sizes along with bandits and other irradiated threats. Gameplay is turn-based and movement is bound to a 4X grid system, so it’ll hit that button for Civ fans. Tiles have various threats like radiation pockets and obstacles in them so there’s a fair amount of tactical planning required, but your survivors have unlockable skills to make them stronger and all sorts of gear to grab to keep them safe.

Undead Horde 2: Necropolis

Undead Horde 2: Necropolis -Undead Minions Pouring Through A Summon Gate

Another Necromancer-themed Indie that’s sure to bring out your sinister side, Undead Horde 2: Necropolis is a cutesy action RPG by 10tons Ltd is worth rising from your crypt for. Taking the role of a powerful Necromantic Lord, your task is to ravage the kingdom, raise powerful undead armies and complete a range of quests to make yourself and your necrotic hordes stronger.

At your beck and call is an army of undead souls and at any time you can command over 100 of them to swarm all over the towns and villages in your way. There’s a number of unique minions to summon and it can be pretty satisfying to send them rumbling over a target base in a big ball of zombie fury. As you progress through the game you can level up your Necropolis at home enhance yourself and your armies and there are powerful items to find and lands to burn. So plenty of things for a new Necromancer Ruler to do.