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Stardew Valley: 15 Essential Tips For Fishing

Fishing is one of the harder things to learn in Stardew Valley, but these tips and tricks will have you reeling them in.

Game art from The Dead By Daylight. 1
All Of The Dead By Daylight Killers, Ranked

Dead by Daylight's most beloved feature is its killers, but which of them is the best?

Mario (Mario Odyssey) left, Borderlands 3 (right), the cuphead show protags (centre) 1
Every Upcoming Video Game Movie And TV Adaptation

Every upcoming and in development video game movie and TV adaptation, all on one page. There are more than 40 coming in the next three years.

Video Game Release Dates 2023 feature image 1
Video Game Release Dates 2023

TheGamer's official calendar for every upcoming video game release date in 2023 — from massive RPGs to tiny platformers, we've got it covered!

The Best Visual Novels on Steam

Visual novels are a great way for gamers to immerse themselves in a deep story. These are the best ones available on Steam right now.

Lorcana Week big question 1
Who Does TheGamer Want To See In Disney Lorcana?

Disney has hundreds of characters to choose from, but who do we want most in Lorcana?

FNaF Fan Games 1
The 18 Best Five Nights At Freddy’s Fan Games

Five Nights at Freddy's has spawned countless fan games that are inspired by the original series, and these are the absolute best.

all of the pokemon go lure modules 1
Pokemon Go: Which Pokemon Are Attracted To Each Lure

There used to be just one type of Lure Module, but now there are a few more. Here are the Pokemon you can expect to be attracted to each one.

On the left, Pokemon Go Gyms overlaid on a cityscape; on the right, two trainers in summer clothes walk along a clifftop path 1
Pokemon Go: All Level Requirements From 40 To 50

Getting to level 50 in Pokemon Go is going to take special effort - here's what you need to do.

Pokemon Go and Pokemon Home - logo on right, Go Transporter on left 1
How To Transfer From Pokemon Go To Pokemon Home

Here's how to transfer your best Pokemon Go 'mons to Pokemon Home, and what it will cost you.

Witcher 3 Complete Guide 1
The Witcher 3: Complete Guide And Walkthrough

Unlock all the secrets of Geralt's world with TheGamer's comprehensive The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt guide.

The Legend of Zelda - Zelda from Tears of the Kingdom on left, Link from Majora's Mask on right 1
The Strongest Characters In The Legend Of Zelda, Officially Ranked

There are so many incredibly strong characters in The Legend of Zelda — these are the strongest ones in the franchise.

Ash Psyduck Pokémon Card Error Promo 1
13 Valuable Pokemon Card Errors

Pokemon cards are beautifully-made, but with a couple billion cards printed since the TCG began, there's sure to be some errors.

Pokemon Home - professor on left, room trade on right 1
Pokemon Home: A Complete Guide To Trading

Pokemon Home has four ways of trading, a far cry from the old days of just exchanging Vulpix for Growlithe. Here's how to take advantage of each one.

Family board games featuring Codenames, Santorini, and Sushi Go Party!  1
The Best Board Games For Families In 2023

Board games are a great way to spend quality time with the family.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Dutch Details Featured Split Image 1
13 Ridiculous Hidden Details About Dutch Van Der Linde In Red Dead Redemption 2

Dutch Van Der Linde is one of the most interesting characters in all of Red Dead Redemption 2. These are the most striking hidden details about him.

The 15 Best Mobile Ports, Ranked

Nowadays, iOS and Android devices allow many console games to be played on the go, with these ports being particularly amazing.

M Bison and Claus from Smash Bros 1
The 15 Best Spirits In Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Not every Spirit in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is great — these are the ones every fan needs.

spider man on left, rocket league car in centre, rachet from rachet and clank on right 1
The Best PlayStation 4 Games For Kids

Is there a budding young gamer in your life? Here are some child-friendly PlayStation 4 titles that everybody can enjoy.

tunic fox on left, bugsnax player in centre, sonic on right 1
The Best Xbox One Games For Kids To Play

Even though there are lots of grown-up titles out there, there are still plenty of Xbox games that are perfect for kids to play!

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